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Professional AED, CPR, and First Aid Training Courses

Welcome to the American Association of CPR Life Savers & First Aid Safety™. Our network of professional emergency safety personnel teach safety classes to individuals, EMS departments, government agencies, businesses, schools, and families.

  • Each year, more than one million Americans suffer a heart attack.
  • Someone in America dies from a heart attack every minute.
  • Almost half of heart attack deaths occur outside a hospital.

Our Mission:
To ensure the health and safety of businesses and families worldwide

Our AED, CPR, and first aid courses and supplies are used by hospitals, paramedics, fire departments, police departments, schools, and lifeguard agencies who depend on top quality training and products for every emergency situation.

Whether you are an individual learning CPR for the first time, a business interested in training for your staff, or a paramedic practicing CPR skills for your EMT exam, CPR Savers has you covered. We offer a wide range of safety training classes and all the necessary supplies to fit your needs—from professional quality training tools to household emergency supplies.

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Ready to Save a Life?

Rest easier knowing that when there is an emergency at work, in your home, or anywhere nearby, you are ready to take action and help.

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A Nationwide Network

We have instructors located across America. Each of them are certified and all of our classes meet the latest OSHA and American Heart Association guidelines.

In the Phoenix area?

We host a public class in Tempe every Saturday, from 9AM to 1PM! Come join us for coffee and a hands-on learning experience. The class includes CPR training (adult, child, and infant), AED training, and first aid training.

Price per person is $49.95. Call us at 1-800-480-1277 for more detail.

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CPR and Cardiac Arrest Facts

  1. About 80% of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in private residential settings, so being trained to perform CPR can mean the difference between life and death for a loved one.

  2. Over 1.5 million heart attacks occur each year and approximately 350,000 people die before reaching the hospital.

  3. Your brain dies in four to six minutes without oxygen, and the average response time for medics to arrive on scene is eight to ten minutes.

  4. CPR can keep your brain alive until help arrives. OSHA requires businesses to offer CPR and first aid to their employees to be prepared for emergencies.

  5. Accidental injuries, including choking and drowning, are the leading cause of death in children, sending over 16 million kids each year to the emergency room.

  6. CPR is not just for heart attacks! Approximately 7 million Americans suffer disabling injuries in their own houses and backyards each year, resulting from accidents which may require CPR.

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